Fix test

The rework of 314b069 in a7fec6a has created a lazy proxy to make sure

that the need for an exception cache resolver come as late as possible.

Unfortunately, the test that was only failing on CI because of an early

lookup has not been updated accordingly. This is now the case.

Issue: SPR-12850

update metadata to reflect 2.0.0.GA

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  1. … 5 more files in changeset.

renaming project to identify specifically as NHibernate4

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integrate new test project into build script

DATAGRAPH-565 - This fixes a number of issues relating to RelationshipEntity

see also DATAGRAPH-568, DATAGRAPH-569

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update desc of AssemblyInfo inadvertently left as Hib 3 when copied initially

Merge branch 'ynauls-master'

minor renaming to improve clarity

rename test project to improve clarity of intent

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remove extraneous HibernateTemplate from test fixture injection

rename test project to reflect tx promotion integration tests

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removing tests, etc. related to CustomSpring132HibernateTxScopeTransactionManager as no longer necessary now that changes are in HibernateTxScopeTransactionManager directly

moving test DB + table from sep. DB into Spring DB

update test conn string to coordinate with creds used elsewhere in test suite

DATAJPA-695 - Fixed Javadoc in JSR-310 and ThreeTen Backport converters.

DATAJPA-695 - Fixed Javadoc in JSR-310 and ThreeTen Backport converters.

Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/ynauls/spring-net into ynauls-master

Merge pull request #99 from sean-gilliam/fix-xmldoc-signature

Fixed method signature

ROO-3600: Getting subsystem URI from resource instead of from capability

DATACMNS-664 - Removed obsolete build profiles for Travis CI build.

Removed build profiles for Spring 4.0.x snapshots and Spring 4.1 after we upgraded to Spring 4.1 as general baseline.

ROO-3600: subsystem deploy gogo command will deploy subsystems located on repository

INT-3624: Register `#jsonPath` Only for `0.9.1`

JIRA: https://jira.spring.io/browse/INT-3624

Add assert to the `IntegrationRegistrar` for the `#jsonPath` that we register this SpEL function only for support old `json-path` version


DATACMNS-663 - Fixed typo in BytecodeGeneratingEntityInstantiator.

DATACMNS-663 - Fixed typo in BytecodeGeneratingEntityInstantiator.

ROO-3600: Extending Subsystem Gogo Commands with deploy functionality

Lazily resolve the default exception CacheResolver

This is a rework of 314b069 that may still lead to issue if a Cacheable

annotated bean is inspected on startup. Instead of resolving the default

exception CacheResolver if a cache operation is parsed, we resolve it as

late as possible (i.e. when an exception is thrown and the relevant

exception cache needs to be resolved)

Issue: SPR-12850

Add STOMP client documentation

Issue: SPR-12814

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Add flag whether to create HTTP session

Issue: SPR-12840

Add public access to PathMatcher in WebSocket config

Issue: SPR-12845

Update SPR templates

  • add READMEs to generated projects
  • delete cglib from dependencies in war-java template
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