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Update README.asciidoc

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[artifactory-release] Release version 1.0.0.RELEASE

[artifactory-release] Release version 1.0.0.RELEASE

Fix docs/manual description

Upgraded Spring Retry to 1.0.3.RELEASE

Update samples to Spring Social 1.1.0

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DATAREDIS-294 - TypedTuple should allow sorting using java sort().

Removed compiler warnings and reduced unnecessary boxing.

Update samples to Spring Social 1.1.0

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INT-3385 AMQP Support MANUAL Ack Mode


MANUAL was supported in the schema, but there was no

mechanism for the application to ack.


  • Fix tests
  • Add integration test
  • More documentation
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DATAJPA-455 - Add support for stored procedure backed repository methods.

Added fallback to method-name when deriving an ad-hoc procedure name.

[artifactory-release] Release version 1.0.0.RELEASE


This commit removes the queue attribute of the JmsListener annotation

as this information should be provided by the container factory and not

by each individual listener endpoints.

There was a side effect that an annotation value cannot be null, which

was forcing the container to be a queue-based container by default.

Issue: SPR-9882

Remove bogus .javajava files

  1. … 165 more files in changeset.

Merge branch 'master' of

Add Retryable interface for proxies advising @Retryable beans

This is purely a marker interface, but might be useful for other tools

looking to apply retry advice (they should usually not bother if the

bean already implements Retryable)

Remove bogus .javajava files

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Remove bogus .javajava files

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Update tests to be compatible with Spring Web Services 2.2

Spring Web Services 2.2 added a new method, afterCompletion, to

ClientInterceptor. To allow Spring Integration's tests to be run

successfully against Spring Web Services 2.2, this commit adds empty

implementations of this method to two test implementations of the


Fix PrefixResourceResolver implementation

The configured prefix should not begin with a "/", since

PublicResourceUrlProvider is already taking path mapping into account

when resolving resources and URLs.

@SendTo support for jms listener endpoints

This commit replaces the "responseDestination" attribute on the

JmsListener annotation by a support of the standard SendTo annotation.

Issue: SPR-11707

Bumped up compile warnings

Bumped up the compiler warning to errors.

  1. … 110 more files in changeset.

Parameterize exception type in RetryCallback

So RetryCallback<T, E extends Throwable> and the E parameter appears

in RetryOperations too, making it possible to call it with an unchecked

exception type in the parameter and not catch exceptions.

Users should beware: it's just syntactic sugar, and the actual runtime

type of the exception is never checked at runtime. So, for instance,

declaring a RetryCallback<Object,IllegalArgumentException> doesn't

mean that other Exceptions won't be retried, just that you won't be

able to explicitly throw them if they are checked.

A project using Spring Batch 2.2 was used to test that this works

with user code that uses a library compiled agains Spring Retry 1.0.

Fixes gh-6

DATASOLR-118 - MappingSolrConverter should honor generic type information within Maps and Collections.

Generic type information was not considered when reading values from Solr back into the entities in case of Collection and Map.

We now additionally check on the generic type of collections and maps and pipe the value retrieved from Solr through the conversion in case the type needs further treatment.

AspectJ 1.8 final used in build, plus TestNG preparations for optional -target 1.8 usage

Issue: SPR-11212

Issue: SPR-11699

Add support for @Recover

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INT-3311,INT-3377: Update Spring-* Dependencies


Resolve SD-Mongo deprecations

Default JmsListenerContainerFactory lookup

Prior to this commit, the default JmsListenerContainerFactory to use

must be explicitly set. Since having a single container factory is a

fairly common use case, we look up the default one automatically

using the bean name "jmsListenerContainerFactory".

It is still possible to provide an explicit default but since it refers

more to "the" container factory to use, the parameter has been

renamed to "containerFactory" which is shorter and more explicit.

The lookup strategy is lazy: if all endpoints are providing an

explicit container factory and no container factory with the

"jmsListenerContainerFactory" bean name exists, no exception

will be thrown.

Issue : SPR-11706

Merge pull request #73 from dsyer/SPR-11723

Rename Reactor support classes

This change modifies the names of the Reactor support classes in order

to align with the same changes in the 4.0.x line which now supports

both Reactor 1.1 and 1.0.

Issue: SPR-11636

Add Reactor 11 support

This change adds support for Reactor 1.1 in spring-messaging in

addition to Reactor 1.0.1 – whichever is present on the classpath is


Note also the module name change:

reactor-tcp:1.0.1 -> reactor-net:1.1.0

Issue: SPR-11636